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“I choose to…” vs. “I have to…”


Tentang: "Define your key roles"

Start with self, and then identify a maximum of seven roles of greatest importance to you. I’ve shared my own personal roles below as an example, including sub-roles for my “business owner” role.

Self: physical, mental, spiritual, social
Role #1: Wife
Role #2: Mother
Role #3: Family Member: sister, niece, aunt…
Role #4: Business Owner (see sub-roles)
Role #5: Friend
Role #6: Community Volunteer
Role #7: Singer


Sub-roles: Business Owner
Productivity Consultant
Certified Coach
Relationship Builder
Lifelong Learner


Tentang "Identify weekly goals/choices — in writing".

Goals/Choices: tidak selalu harus merupakan SCHEDULED TASK / TODO!

  • Goals can be focus areas (example: focus on using reflective listening skills with my daughter) or scheduled activities (example: work out at the gym three times for one hour each).
  • Remind yourself of this truth: Every time I say “yes” to someone or something, I am saying “no” to someone or something else!
  • They are driven by conscience and align with your personal vision and mission/purpose.
  • Your focus is on the “important” rather than just the “urgent”
  • They are driven by “I choose to…” rather than “I have to…” or “I should…”
  • These four basic human needs:
      • Physical (doing)
      • Mental (learning)
        Spiritual (understanding/being)
      • Social (relating)
  • Paauwer Question: What is the most important thing I can do in this role this week that will have the greatest positive impact?